Words & Music

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…I used to write (and very occasionally perform) my own songs. I even recorded some of these using a very basic home studio set up. After finding an article that described how to embed audio in a WordPress blog, I thought I’d post a few of those songs here.

I’ve already posted all the songs below (and a few others) on my Music Collecting web site and the Words & Music pages there give more information about how and when these songs were recorded, what I did to digitally tidy them up and what background noises and effects were added to them. Click the info on the players below to see the song title.

If you have any comments on these songs please submit them below but be gentle with me…

And for more Words & Music keep an eye on the main page of this blog and also on alexmatheson.wordpress.com.


2 thoughts on “Words & Music

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  2. You should strongly consider starting up performing again. Your music is amazing and to have talent like that…it should be spread across the galaxy.

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