Here’s a list of software that I use regularly and am happy to recommend to all and sundry. Most of its either free or open source, though there is the odd item that requires a paid license or a donation to get access to additional features. All of them have been mentioned in a post elsewhere on this blog.

GuitarToolKit – tremendous tuner and chord reference app for a range of stringed things. I really would be lost without this one.

feedly – flexible, magazine style RSS reader which I started using when Google announced that they were axing Google Reader. It’s available as a Firefox plug-in and for iOS and Android devices.

MusicBee – and excellent music manager and player with support for a wide range of file formats, CD ripping and burning, music tagging and lots of other cool things. Read more about this one here.

Launchy – a very fast and powerful keystroke based program launcher which I sang the praises of way back in 2011.

fre:ac – the fantastic audio convertor which I happily recommended some time ago.

Battle For Wesnoth – a free, cross-platform, turn-based strategy game which I have spent a lot of time playing and consider to be a brilliant game – in fact it is simply the best free game I’ve ever played.

Trader’s Little Helper – if you collect and trade live recordings then this little program will be your Swiss Army knife. Use it to: encode/decode wav files to/from flac, shn, mp3 and ape formats; verify a range of checksums; create torrents; align tracks with sector boundaries and lots more. You’ll find a brief post about it here.

WriteMonkey – a distraction free, darkened writing “room” which allows you to focus on what you’re writing rather than the frills of a too busy Windows interface. Want to know what else it can do?

Subsonic – a top notch streaming server. Stream audio and video to pretty much any web browser or use one of the apps to stream to your mobile device.

PortableApps – load a USB stick with a bundle of useful applications and take them with you wherever you go.