RIP Paul McConville, Scots Law Blogger

I am very sad to note the recent passing of Paul McConville, author of the Random Thoughts Re Scots Law blog.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his posts on all things Scots Law related in the last year or so, especially his examination of the many ins and outs of the ongoing Rangers saga. His posts were enormously informative, detailed yet easy to understand and at times very, very funny.

Only knowing of Mr. McConville through his blog, I am unsuited to offer any real tribute so leave that matter to those more qualified than I: Celtic Quick News, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and Henry Clarson to mention but a few.

To Mr. McConville’s family and friends, my commiserations and thoughts are with you at what must be a terribly difficult time. Perhaps it is some small consolation that thanks to the internet and his blog he added something special to the lives of many others who, judging from the comments on the final post on Random Thoughts, miss him profoundly and respected him greatly.


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