So, you’re looking for an easy way to tune your guitar (6, 7 and 12 strings) bass (4, 5 and 6 strings), banjo, mandolin and ukulele? You want the ability to use tunings other than standard? And you need a ready reference for scales, arpeggios and chords. With a metronome too?

Mmm, what are you going to do?

If you have one of those nifty i-devices from a certain Cupertino based consumer electronics outfit then I recommend you visit the outfits online store and get yourself a copy of GuitarToolkit from Agile Partners.

At 6 of Her Majesty’s pounds and 99 of her pennies, it is a bit more expensive than your usual app but, as I alluded above, you get several nifty bangs for your quid. You get all of the things I mentioned wrapped up in an easy to use interface that looks particularly good on one of them there tablet-sized i-devices. The app will even strum the chords for you giving you a pretty good representation of how they should sound.

I’ve been using GuitarToolkit for over a year now to help keep a couple of guitars, a mandolin and a ukulele in tune and have been greatly impressed by the results. The chord reference has also been really useful for identifying chords I find myself playing but have no idea what to call them. Making up names based on the shapes I contort my fingers into just doesn’t work!

For me, GuitarToolkit is a genuine 5-star app and a very worthwhile investment. One of a handful of apps I really would be lost without.


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