Just About?

I know it’s silly but this has bugging me lately.

What the hell is it with football commentators and the phrase “Just about …”?

A player has shot at goal, there’s a deflection or some other interaction with the post or bit of bumpy ground and the ball ends up in the net. Goal! Obviously. Or perhaps not as the commentator chimes in with the perplexing statement “Well, he’s just about done enough to get that in.”


He’s “just about done enough”? That implies that he didn’t do enough and that a goal was not scored!

Or a player commits a foul that the ref fails to notice. Play goes on even though one player may be theatrically rolling around the pitch. The commentary team then discuss how the player who committed the foul has “just about gotten away with it”.

Once again, W. T. F?

In both the above cases there is no “just about” about it. In the first the ball made it into the net so the player did enough to score even if the ball did take a detour before crossing the line. In the second: there was a foul; the officials didn’t notice; play continued; the guy got away with it.

I find myself wondering what colour the sky is on Planet Football Commentator!


One thought on “Just About?

  1. One of the ones I hate is ‘denied by the post’. No he wasn’t: it hit the post. The post didn’t stop it going in. Unless you’re suggesting the post moved.
    Also, ‘the game is currently scoreless’. No it’s not: it’s goalless; it has a current score, and that is 0-0.
    Two’s enough for now!

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