I thought I’d get the ball rolling again by introducing, which provides “Time-based charts of your music data”.

To try this out, visit, provide your user name and use the drop-down lists to select the type of chart you want created. Then click Go and wait whilst the Normalisr web application weaves its magic and produces a chart of how much time you’ve spent listening to each artist or album.

Then, and this is the really good bit, you are given the option of generating an image of your chart which can be included on your web site, blog, tumblr, or whatever – just like the rather spiffy one that now appears in the margin of this site. The widget is then updated daily provided you check back in with the Normalisr site and generate a new list once every 30 days.

Why is this so good? Well, apart from providing interesting stats, Normalisr is offering a service which have been failing to deliver for the last 6 months or so. You see, used to have an image generating tool that produced a variety of listening charts for display as widgets on a web site. This service was one of the main attractions when I signed up to and the fact that it’s broken and there seems to be no hurry to fix it bugs the hell out of me!

So kudos to Normalisr for providing such a cool service.

And I’m afraid it’s yah-boo-sucks to!

P.S. There are other services like Normalisr out there as a bit of googling will reveal – I searched for “ image generator” and found Normalisr on page 1 of the results. I was happy enough with it that I didn’t bother to go beyond that page.



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