Is The End Nigh For Rangers?

I’ve been following the quite amazing Rangers Tax Case (RTC) blog for quite a while now and it has made for quite incredible reading at times. The financial mess in which Rangers seem to be embroiled beggars belief. The information that has been presented on RTC and the analysis of it by the author and commenters is first rate. If you’re interested in Scottish football and have somehow missed this gem up until now then head over and start reading.

Today RTC has a post with the headline Battle For Rangers’ Soul Begins. The Daily Record reports that Rangers owner Craig Whyte admits he sold four years’ worth of season tickets to keep Ibrox club running. The same paper carries another article, Ex-Rangers chairman Alistair Johnson: Adminstration looks inevitable for my old club. In recent months court cases have taken place in which Rangers have been pursued for late payment of at least one bill, funds have been ring-fenced and assets frozen. And of course, lurking in the wings, have been the twin spectres of a couple of tax bills – a small one and a … not so small one.

As if that isn’t bad enough Rangers have surrendered a 15 point lead at the top of the SPL to Celtic and are struggling with a growing injury list. It also looks as if their main goal-scorer is off to Everton with little time (or indeed money) to secure a replacement. So things look as ropey on the pitch as they do on the balance sheet.

I wonder how much longer it will be before the fuse burns down and the whole thing explodes?


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