New Year’s Day

All is quiet on New Year’s Day

So begins the song by U2. And it has been quiet on New Year’s Day here, if a little wet.

That didn’t prevent a nice long walk through the Castle Grounds and along the River Creed. Always a nice walk that, very picturesque and refreshing and a very good way to start the New Year. A year which, unlike the song, will see a few changes.

These changes will not be as dramatic as the events referred to by the song with it’s turbulent images of “a world in white”, “a blood red sky” and “gold [being] the reason for the wars we wage”. Though they will be pretty significant for this little household – when it moves to a much larger, newly built house sometime in summer.

Hopefully this year will also see an increase in both my input and output – I have a growing back log of books to read and also of stuff I want to write, not forgetting the stuff I want to learn to play on guitar, mandolin and (since Christmas) ukulele. And as ever, there are pounds to shed.

Looks like a busy year ahead.

And let’s hope it’s a happy one for one and all.

Happy New Year!


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