It’s Winter Solstice Season, Again

I posted this Calamities of Nature comic a year ago because it amused me and because it raises a very valid point about what goes on at this time of year.

I’m posting it again because I read A Note About a Christmas Comic in which the author of Calamities of Nature, Tony Piro, expresses concerns that his work is being re-used without proper attribution and recognition. This has been done to the extent that the author feels his original point has been obscured by the abuse of his original work.

So here, once again, is the funny and illuminating comic, What Christmas Is All About.

I urge you to click the image above to see this cartoon in better detail. This will also raise the profile of the author’s original work and lift it above that of those who have misused it.

You should also note that today is the Winter Solstice, the day on which (in the Northern Hemisphere) the Sun reaches its furthest point to the South and we experience the shortest day of the year.

Much more importantly it is also the first day of my 2011 Christmas holiday. Yay!


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