The last thing our kids should be subjected to is Religious observance in schools! So I’m glad to see that there is a proposal being considered that will only allow chaplains to work in schools when invited to do so by the Head Teacher. The last thing impressionable young minds need is the indoctrinating or evangelising presence of a minister in either assembly or the classroom.

Personally, I would prefer it if the proposal under consideration sought to completely exclude ministers of every stripe from our schools. School is neither the place for religious observance nor religious education, not even if you were to grant all religions an equal slice of the curricular pie. If you want to do the religious observance thing then do it in your church or the privacy of your home. If you want religious education then go to Sunday school. Let’s keep our Primary and Secondary schools as places for secular study where kids learn useful, practical things like English, Maths, History, Geography, the Sciences, Art, Music, Technology, etc. Those are the things impressionable young minds should be soaking up!


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