On Being The Worst ATM Ever

If you want money in a hurry or at all, even, then give the the ATM at the main branch of the Co-op in Stornoway – the one on Macaulay Road – a body swerve. It is probably the worst ATM in the world.

It is painfully slow to respond and I’m sure it asked me 6 or 7 times during the course of one transaction if I wanted a receipt. Also 3 out of 4 times that I go there for cash it informs me that cash is temporarily unavailable. I suspect that it uses a different definition of “temporarily” than I do!


On a lighter note this is probably the best ATM in the world.

The best story I know about an ATM is about a guy who once phoned a bank helpline late one night to complain that one of their ATMs had eaten his bag of chips. At that time, ATMs had a protective sliding panel that came down over the screen and keyboard which opened when you inserted your card. Apparently the guy had set his chips down on the ATM to take his cash and reclaim his card. Then the panel closed sealing the chips inside.

Note – this post may have involved a degree of exaggeration on the part of the author.


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