Truth Saves

For your Sunday dose of edification have a look at the Truth Saves web site.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am an unbeliever and have great distaste for things religious. I therefore like drawing attention to places where questions are asked and answers are given that counter the effects of faith-based dogma. Truth Saves is just such a place.

It critically examines biblical content and explains why it is open to misinterpretation, contradictory, dogmatic and also a less than reliable source of moral guidance. It also demonstrates how many biblical tales have evolved from those of earlier cultures and shows how many supposedly supernatural events have mundane origins.

There are bible references throughout the various sections of the site and it is worth using these to read the relevant passages alongside the Truth Saves commentary. I’ve learned some new things as a result of doing this and have even had a couple of misconceptions about the bible corrected – though none that change my overall view that religious beliefs are mistaken and that there is no god.


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