Spiritual Healing

I see that the Archbishop of York wants the NHS to become responsible for spiritual healing because of his belief in some superstitious claptrap about us being “psychosomatic spiritual entities.” And because of some anecdotal nonsense about a witches’ coven, a sacrificial goat, and a poor young girl who was no doubt as much a victim of religious belief as anything else.

There are a few things to consider:

  • NHS budgets will serve us better if they are spent on treating actual ailments using actual medicine, you know, the evidence-based kind not the homeopathic-holistic-mumbo-jumbo-faith-healing kind.

  • If there is any truth in the anecdote I suspect the young girl responded more to kindly words and reassurances from Dr Sentamu rather than being prayed for, anointed and having a candle lit for her. Especially if she was from a religious background which would give the comforting words of a priest added weight.

  • Those who are concerned for their spiritual health should continue to seek the aid of their priest / minister / imam / rabbi / shaman / witch-doctor / whatever (* delete as appropriate). Leave medical matters to the properly qualified!

More importantly, I think this serves as another good illustration of why the unelected have no place either informing or shaping government policy.


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