On Growing Unhappy With WordPress

Excuse me whilst I have a bit of a rant.

In recent times I have been finding that the wordpress.com interface is getting slower, and slower, and slower, and – yes, you’ve guessed it – SLOWER!

It takes several minutes on average to log in and when I finally get logged on the dashboard never displays properly. I always get this basic Times Roman text interface that is to effective blog management what a chocolate teapot is to boiling tea!

It’s not my internet connection because all other sites load with suitably impressive zip. Downloads zing along and uploads are no bother. It’s just WordPress! No matter what time of day, no matter what else is happening on my PC, using WordPress is becoming more and more of a drag.

I’ve searched their forum for a solution but to no avail. I’ve googled and googled but can find no explanation. And it’s not just my dashboard that is slow. Both this blog and my much neglected The FS Files are often painfully slow to load before I’ve logged in. On too many occasions I visit other wordpress.com hosted blogs only to find that they limp along like a canine lacking the requisite number of limbs. I mean, WTF?

Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer are all afflicted by the same lack of response. Nothing makes a difference, not clearing the cache, obliterating cookies or reinstalling. I’ve gone through my anti-virus setup, my firewall configuration, the router settings and run any number of diagnostics but can’t find an answer – however I suspect the 19 hop route (revealed by tracert) that takes in London, New York and Chicago isn’t helping. I’ve tried different DNS servers but to no avail. I’ve jumped up and down and sworn at my PC and flung a sequence of rude gestures at its screen. Not even that helps.

And then just as I hit frustration pitch the sites start responding. They then behave for half an hour, an hour, maybe longer before … starting to wheeze along once more, usually at exactly the moment I decide to do something requiring the use of the dashboard.

I. Mean. WTF?

Maybe it’s time to switch my blogging platform?

Which would be a shame as I really like the features provided by the WordPress platform and have been really happy here for a number of years. So if I switch it will be reluctantly – assuming I can find a suitable alternative. Perhaps going down the wordpress.org self-hosting route would be an answer…?

Or perhaps the answer is to Upgrade To Pro as the tasteful blue bordered link in the top right of my dashboard suggests (on those occasions it loads). But then I can’t afford $99 a year to do that right now (or probably ever).

So what to do?

Anyone out there got any thoughts on this? I would really, really, really like to figure this one out.


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