Looking for a simple game with which to while away far too much time when you should be doing something more productive?

Give Canabalt a try.


As games go it just can’t get any simpler. You use a single button to make your character jump over obstacles and across gaps in a headlong dash to escape from a city which is collapsing around you.

I found the game as a result of deciding to try out the latest version of PortableApps, a nifty tool for loading a pile of useful applications onto a USB drive so you can take them with you and run them on any PC. Canabalt is just on of many games, useful applications and tools that can be run in this fashion. I turned to PortableApps as a means of carrying some useful PC utilities in my pocket but now I’m thinking it’s been more worthwhile to discover a game which as much fun as Canabalt.

As I’ve also discovered, Canabalt is also available for the iPhone – and that version is actually better than the one you play on a PC.

Go on, give it a try.


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