Just watched highlights of Man United dismantling Arsenal and Man City’s wiping of the floor with Spurs. I know we are still in the very early stages of this football season but you have to say it looks like one or other Manchester team will be taking honours this time round. If I was a betting man, I’d go for United – they can go up quite a few gears beyond yesterday’s performance yet I suspect.

Not sure what to make of the on-going Uefa case against Sion. If they’ve broken the rules then I guess they should pay the price and be withdrawn from the competition. Obviously this will benefit Celtic but … are Celtic fit for European competition at the minute?

After recent results for Celtic, Rangers and Hearts in Europe, I rather think not.

Of course I wouldn’t object to seeing Celtic in action in Europe this season but I’m not sure I could take the strain. Better for them to focus on a successful domestic campaign.

I’m pleased to note that King Kenny (childhood hero and the reason why I support Liverpool in the Englandshire league) appears to be working a bit of managerial magic down Mersey way. They looked good against Bolton on Saturday and hopefully things will continue in that vein.


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