I recently saw an entry about H.P. Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book on BoingBoing. I found this particularly interesting as I’ve recently been dipping into a collection of the influential horror writer’s stories.

Many of the stories in this collection – a Kindle book, The Definitive H.P. Lovecraft: 67 Tales of Horror in One Volume (Halcyon Classics) – are tales I’ve read before but they still capture my imagination. They contain elements of horror, strange worlds, weird creatures and utter madness many of which are woven from the threads of H.P. Lovecraft’s terrifying Cthulhu Mythos. And browsing the aforementioned commonplace book gives fresh insight into the creation of that dark and forbidding universe where “In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.” It also shows how even the briefest of notes can form the germ of an idea which spawns an entire story – a useful tool for budding authors.

Anyhoo…both the commonplace book and Lovecraft’s stories are worth a read so take the time to check them out.


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