Another peek over the media parapet…

So the News Of The World is to be closed and this weekend’s issue will be the last.

I am not sad to see it go but I do feel for decent staff at the paper who are being hurt by this move. A move which is, of course, typical of the actions of the wealthy and power obsessed members of the society in which we live – remember those effing bankers that screwed our economy?

It is not the staff who should be losing out as a result of the failings of their superiors. Indeed as was observed on Twitter:

Brooks or NoTW? Murdoch’s ditched the wrong red top.

No matter what your profession, if you are at the top of the tree the buck stops with you. If the problems occurred on your watch then you take the rap, not the staff who were on watch with you (or even the staff that have since replaced the staff that were on watch with you).

But, but!, I wonder. Is there something cynical going on here? Is this just the opening move in a rebranding which will see the News Of The World rise from the ashes? Are we, as Robert Peston has suggested, soon to witness the launch of the Sunday Sun?

If so, do the powers involved really think the public are stupid enough to be taken in?

Please tell me that we’re not!

Update: Read some Reaction to News of the World closure and note remarks from the likes of  Tom Watson, Ken Clarke, John Prescott, Chris Bryant and Michelle Stanistreet.


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