Over the last several weeks or so, I’ve been kind of subjecting myself to a bit of a media blackout. Rather than pouring over every news item to pop up in Google Reader and absorbing multiple news broadcasts each day, I’ve been content to soak up a waterfall of web comics, science articles, sporting events, and blogs. The daily news is just so bloody annoying and, quite frankly, depressing! As a result, I’ve not been reading it, watching it or blogging about it.

However, I feel that I must stick my head above the parapet as a result of reading about how Missing Milly Dowler’s voicemail was hacked by News of the World.

If you read the News of the World please don’t read it any more. Reject it if it is offered to you as wrapping for your fish and chips. Should you be caught short, don’t even use it as an alternative to toilet paper – a fistful of grass, some leaves, or even your own hand would offer a more sanitary alternative!

If you are a politician serving us in Whitehall get off your backsides and demand an inquiry into the behaviour of this shoddy excuse for a newspaper. It is unacceptable for any newspaper to behave like this in pursuit of a story – even if their industry is rapidly swirling round the u-bend of history.

If you are an advertiser pull your adverts before you are tarred and feathered by association.

If you were involved in the phone hacking, had oversight over it due to your position, or used this particular human tragedy to sell your shitty little rag, do the decent thing and carefully consider your actions and your position because you are a bloody disgrace!

Visit the Guardian’s Phone Hacking page for more. Read the BBC’s timeline of the whole sordid affair.

I shall now return to the relative calm of my media blackout capsule.


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