Abandoning MySpace?

So MySpace (or rather my_____) has been sold for a fraction of what it was bought for six years ago. And, its users continue to abandon it in favour of Facebook, Twitter and other cooler and better(?) social networking sites.

My own MySpace has seen less and less use in recent times – though I still browse the site to listen to music posted there in my on going mission to explore strange new sounds, seek out new bands and new artists, to boldly go … yadda-yadda, you get the picture. But apart from that, I don’t see much use in maintaining my current presence there. After all, I’ve already moved the link from this blog to my page over there, opting to focus on my Facebook and Twitter accounts instead.

Mind you, it may be worth keeping an eye on how things at MySpace develop under its new owners, Specific Media, because there is interesting new music (and old music) to be discovered there. Focussing on that aspect of the site may yet breath new live into the currently ailing brand.


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