Alesis Q25

I recently added an Alesis Q25 USB/MIDI keyboard controllers to my collection of musical paraphernalia. So far I’ve just been using it as it an interface between me and SAVIHost, a stand alone software host which allows you to load and play a single VSTi plugin.

It has been working very well as a tool for doing this as its keys are very responsive and reasonably velocity sensitive. There are easy-to-use up and down octave keys making it possible to extend the keyboard range very quickly – though it takes a bit of practice to get used to using these. Pitch and modulation wheels further extend that range by allowing you to add feel and extra expression to the sounds produced by your software.

The Alesis Q25 was accompanied by a bespoke version of Abelton Live which I’ve been checking out with a view to using the Q25 to try my hand at MIDI composition. I’m also looking at how I can use the Q25 with Sony Acid Music Studio, my intention being to capture my keyboard noodlings for use as loops and or melody lines in the tracks I’ve been putting together such as in my previous posts Oil On The Water and 299792458.

Overall, this is an excellent little keyboard and well worth the price. I recommend it to anyone looking to get started in the business of computer-based music making.


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