London Calling

Given some of the albums I’ve blogged about recently (Moving Pictures, Canterbury, Secret Treaties, Melt and The Number Of The Beast) it may be a surprise that an album that has been kicking about my collection for a long, long time is the tremendous London Calling by The Clash.

Links to article about London CallingI can’t remember exactly when it was that I first bought a copy on vinyl, though it was probably in the first half of the eighties, when I was very much in a heavy-metal-hard-rock-prog vibe. That said, adding a slice of punky-funk-white-reggae with a sprinkling of jazz and soul  into my collection didn’t strike me as odd. After all The Clash are purveyors of damn fine tunes and London Calling contains more than a few of those. There’s the bounce along title track, the rocking Brand New Cadillac, the jazzy Jimmy Jazz, the grooviness with horns of Rudie Can’t Fail, the political commentary of Spanish Bombs and Clampdown, and the haunting rhythms of the Paul Simonon penned The Guns Of Brixton. Add in the likes of Lost In The Supermarket, Death Or Glory and Train In Vain and it’s no wonder that you end up with one of the finest rock albums ever. Everyone should have a copy of this masterpiece in their collection.


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