The Time Machine Tour


So last Saturday night I made it (despite a colossal hangover) to the SECC to have my hearing pummelled by the sonic majesty of Messrs Lee, Lifeson and Peart in full flight. And I do mean pummelled because Rush are really, really, really loud live.

The visuals were amazing, the pyrotechnics heart-stopping, the clothes scrupulously clean and well spun,  and the performances outstanding. Rush are simply the best of the myriad of live acts I’ve been fortunate to witness. Geddy Lee was in fine voice and played some amazing bass. Alex Lifeson tortured and teased all kinds of magical sounds out of a range of guitars that made me sick with envy. Neil Peart … well, what can you say? Neil Peart plays his drum-kit with the precision, power and panache that standards are measured by. And when you put all three together, you end up with something really special.

The set list was a perfect blend of new and old and featured some absolute gems. A complete second set performance of Moving Pictures was the shows centrepiece and it was rather emotional to hear these tracks played live – especially as they’ve been such a big part of my life for the last 30 years. But there were other delights on display. The obvious ones like Spirit Of Radio, Freewill (appropriately placed side by side with new number BU2B – Brought Up 2 Believe) and second set anthem Closer To The Heart were simply brilliant. But for me it was favourites like Presto, Leave That Thing Alone, Marathon and Time Stand Still that made the first set really special. Of course, Rush still managed to top those numbers during the second set with brilliant renditions of 2112 Overture / Temples Of Syrinx, new song Caravan, the not quite so new Far Cry as well as classics La Villa Strangiato and Working Man with a reggae intro. Awesome stuff!

And now, all I have to do is wait for Clockwork Angels to be released, hopefully later this year.

Wonder if they’ll do another tour then?


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