Pulp Basterds

Or should that be Inglorious Fiction? I’m sure you can work it out for yourselves.

Anyhow, both are films which I watched again recently and was, as always, blown away by the sharp dialogue and dark humour. All the action is cool too, of course, but it’s that black wit that gets me every time.

Pulp Fiction is, in my humble opinion, the better of these two and indeed I think it’s Tarantino’s best film. I still haven’t forgotten the impact it had when I first saw it (in a multiplex in Fort Lauderdale, Florida) and was glued to the silver screen for its duration. The moment just before that door opens and you realise what’s happening to Marsellus Wallace behind it was uber-shocking at the time. Travolta and Jackson are the epitome of cool and Christopher Walken mesmerises and scares at the same time – on that showing he’s the last person any small boy would want to receive a family heirloom from. Overall a cinematographic masterpiece.

Basterds is also an excellent film. Again with that dialogue and again with that dark humour. Not quite the same level of cool as Fiction, apart from Christoph Waltz who is the coolest SS Colonel ever. Those cameos from Rod Taylor as Churchill and heavily disguised Mike Myers as a very war-weary English General are most splendid in their excellence too. Well worth watching but, be advised, the scalping and swastika carving bits will make you cringe.

Before signing off, I shall add that I have been listening to …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead’s foot-tappingly-smashing new album Tao Of The Dead. You should too.


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