Five Pence?!?

The news this morning carried a report about how Danny Alexander intends to help reduce the fuel prices that are crippling the economy of rural and island areas. If I’ve got this right, he’s going to ask the European Commission for permission to introduce a pilot scheme that will allow him to reduce the price of a litre of fuel by five pence.

Yes, five whole pence. I assume this is some lame form of Lib Dem humour?

We are currently paying at least fifteen pence more than the majority of the country and probably a hell of a lot more if you allow for the reduced prices available on the forecourts of Asda, Tesco, etc. So five pence really isn’t a lot of help – especially not when all he’s doing is asking for permission to help.

Of course there remains a chance that permission will be granted and that he may even follow through and cut fuel prices. But why would he actually do that? All I see here is a move to curry political favour with the Scottish elections on the horizon – a promise to take action if we give his side a few more votes. Aye, well, we’ve all seen exactly what a Lib Dem promise means in the recent past – bugger all.

I suspect the next Scottish parliament may well be comprised of just Labour and SNP members as the Tories and Lib Dems have got absolutely nothing to offer, apart from that utterly insulting five pence.


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