About a year ago, I wrote a post about the bible code and how it’s a bit of coincidental nonsense which can be undone by a little scepticism and critical thought. My conclusions haven’t changed but, a while ago, I found my way to the Bible Code Wisdom web site. I popped it on my list of things to blog about and didn’t go back to it until this evening when looking for something to blog about.

As a result I’ve been having a little bit of fun entering search terms to see what Bible Code Wisdom I could turn up. The most obvious search to enter to me was (obviously):

god does not exist

Lo and behold, this result was found 8 times.

Exactly as many times as it found the phrase:

god does exist

Confusing? Of course not.

After all the very idea of there being a meaningful code hidden in the bible, or any other collection of assorted anecdotes, is utter nonsense.

Isn’t it?

❗ ❓ 😯


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