There are bad films. And there are bad films. There are also films you’d as soon quickly forget, knowing that another couple of hours of your life are gone never to return. Below that on the list there are those films you just know you shouldn’t bother to watch. And somewhere even lower than that, in my opinion at least, you’ll find The Expendables.

I know its supposed to be an all out action movie and that expectations perhaps shouldn’t be that high but this one was just bad. It looked promising, assembling as it does all the old action heroes and mixing in some more recent ones but, in fact, it’s not so much an action movie as a montage of action cliches. A case, perhaps, of too many action heroes spoiling the broth?

Despite a series of other successful outings as actor, writer and director (sometimes mixing all three)  I don’t think this is one of Stallone’s better moments. He still manages a few moments of cool bringing himself, Bruce Willis and the Governor of California together in a church … and he coaxes a decent monologue out of Mickey Rourke. But on the whole this is one to miss.



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