I spent a very relaxing hour yesterday taking part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch.

It’s kind of fascinating watching what birds get up to as they fly to and fro or hop about the garden and this winter we’ve been leaving scraps of bread, veg, and assorted bits of fruit out for them. So when I got a promotional email about the Big Garden Birdwatch, I thought it might by an idea to participate. It would be something different to try, I’d gather some useful information for the RSPB, and I might be able to engage my youngest with something other than CBBC. With those things in mind I signed up to take part.

On the day we spent the required hour watching what was going on. It wasn’t a constant watch as there were breaks taken mainly by my daughter, who wasn’t that engaged unless there were actually birds to be seen. But we did see:

  • 10 Backbirds;
  • 2 Crows;
  • 2  Collared Doves, and;
  • 23 Starlings.

That’s going by the count of the most species seen in the garden at any one time. I’m sure there were more than that in total as there was a lot of coming and going, and quite a few birds were seen overhead (but those weren’t to be counted). As well as the birds, let’s not forget the enormously fat cat that I spotted creeping up a tree then stalking the two doves – though I didn’t bother reporting that to the RSPB.



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