Challenger Remembered

Can’t believe it is now 25 years since the Challenger disaster. I remember watching in horror as Challenger exploded just after launch and it really does not seem like it was that long ago.

The disaster was made all the more poignant as Christa McAuliffe, a civilian, was onboard as part of the Teacher In Space Project – an attempt to inspire others and encourage interest in the space program and science.

Of course, Challenger was not the only tragedy to affect the US space program. There was also the Apollo 1 fire and more recently the Columbia disaster – the 8th anniversary of which is just days away. And I feel it is important that, despite these terrible events, attempts to explore space go on both to remember those that died and for benefit of the human race.

As Buzz Aldrin says in his article, 25 Years After Challenger Disaster – A Rededication to Space:

It is for us to honor these great pioneers who were paving the way for our future, by continuing this great quest, that their hopes and dreams may be realized by those who were so inspired by their example.


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