Decided to try out this Pushnote beasty which that splendid Stephen Fry is involved with. It’s intended to let you comment on any web page you visit and allow you to discuss stuff with your chums in real time.

So far I’ve commented on a few web pages and that seems to work okay. However my comments are also supposed to be posted to Twitter but so far this doesn’t seem to have worked. Mayhaps because I’m using Google Chrome and Pushnote is still in its beta stages. Hopefully such glitches will be ironed out quickly.

The pushnoting process is akin to Twitter in that you have a set number of characters for your comment (280 I believe). You can also follow your existing friends and their pushnotes by connecting to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It is also possible to make new chums by following any pushnoters whose comments you find agreeable – simply by clicking the follow link which appears under their comment. So far none of my fellow twitterers have joined Pushnote so apparently (at least according to its interface) “I’m a pioneer!” Yay!

Anyway, although Pushnote is just getting going I like it already and think it has great potential. Here’s to it being a great success!

Why not check out the FAQ and see if Pushnote just might be for you.


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