Vox Classic Rock Headphone Amp

My latest gadget is a Vox amPlug Classic Rock headphone amp.

And it is awesome. Awesome, I tell you!

It is small and light but punches well above its weight by producing superb sound. Using a combination of volume, tone and gain dials you can produce bright clean sound, hard rock crunch, fat blues, distorted lead, ka-chunking rhythm, and a whole host of other big noises. Without disturbing either your neighbours next door or family in the next room.

I tested the amp with a good quality set of Sennheiser headphones plugged into the unit’s 3.5mm jack and it really does sound very, very good. The sound quality remains good even at lower volumes which means you don’t need to (further) ruin your hearing by having to crank the volume dial to hear what you’re playing.

The amp also has an auxiliary 3.5mm input socket which you can use to jam along to tunes from an mp3 player or other source. I haven’t tried that yet as I’m not that bothered about jamming along to other folks’ music. However I can see it being of use for playing along to backing tracks created with something like Acid Music Studio which I use to make up tracks from loops and other noises. I did plug my mp3 player into the amp and listen to a track or two played back through the amp and the playback sounds fine. The mp3 input isn’t passed through the amplifier circuitry so the mp3 sound is not changed in any way by the amp’s controls – kind of obvious that it would work this way but I needed to be sure.

It should be possible to feed the amp’s output into a PC’s line-in socket (or any other recorder) and that’s something I’ll definitely by trying out later. This would be a good method for capturing the sounds I torture out of my guitar and thus adding another dimension to the music I make.

Clearly this Vox headphone amp has enormous potential and I’m going to have lots of fun with it. If you’re really unlucky I’ll post the results here.



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