Aaaaarrrrgh! He’s at it again! David Cameron is concerned by rising inflation.

Of course inflation is going to rise. David Cameron has just increased VAT as well as fuel duty. He is also going to press ahead with the further fuel duty increase scheduled for this April. As fuel prices rise, so it costs more for all the goods that we need to be delivered to the retailers who sell them. That increase will inevitably be passed on to the consumer as retailers are forced to pay higher transport costs. So the price of the stuff we buy goes up (including those Zero-rated goods which, Mr. Cameron, still have to be transported) which in turn leads to, er well, rising inflation!

As if that isn’t bad enough as inflation rises, fuel prices soar and those of us at the less well paid end of the spectrum are hammered by the VAT increase, he’s planning on removing the 50% income tax rate imposed on those earning £150,000 or more – the very ones who can absorb the impact of rising VAT, fuel prices, inflation, etc., and still afford to pay a bit more tax (you know, David, as their financial contribution to the “big society” you’re so fond of, no? Of course not!).

Typical Tory tactics! Fleece the poor and the poorly paid whilst ensuring the wealthy remain comfortably insulated.

Did I mention that David Cameron really, REALLY, REALLY BUGS me!!!



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