David Cameron really bugs me. Why? Well aside from the fact that he’s a Tory, I watched him on tv this morning talking about a fuel price stabiliser (as reported here) and saying that:

It is something I have asked the Treasury to look at because when you are filling up the car and it’s £1.30 a litre, it’s incredibly painful for families.

£1.30 a litre!!! £1-fucking-30!!! What a clueless git! You want to experience real pain when filling your car then come up here to the Western Isles where it costs over £1.40 per litre to fill your car!

And stop trying to blame your predecessors in government for this. You are the one who has presided over the recent increase in fuel duty and VAT. You are the one that is inflicting this pain on us. Labour may well have enacted some of these changes but you are in power now, not them. You could do something to ease the pain of the fuel price increase but you won’t, will you? Of course not. The last thing that you want to do in financially difficult times is “raise people’s hope too far” because then you would actually have to fulfil a promise and deliver something other than vacuous crap about how we’ll have a more prosperous future. How’s that going to work if you’re going to keep VAT at 20%?

And whilst I’m on a roll (???), will you actually take any action in regard to the upcoming bank bonus season or will you just roll over and let the bankers continue to stiff us? Get your act together and do something to ensure that they don’t pay big bonuses rather than just telling them to “pay smaller bonuses” and be “socially responsible”. We all know they should be paying smaller bonuses in the wake of the tax payer bail out that saved their skins. We all know they need to be more responsible but, in my opinion, if your unelected government does nothing they’ll line their pockets regardless.


As I say, David Cameron really, REALLY, bugs me!


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