It’s Winter Solstice Season

Calamaties Of Nature is one of several web comics that I read each day and today the cartoon describes What Christmas Is All About:

What Christmas Is All About

I know the text is too small to read easily but if you click the picture you can see the cartoon in all its glory.

I’m sure there are many who will not be happy to see the above cartoon (no doubt seeing it as part of the imagined war on Christmas) but there is no doubt that the Christian Christmas is a co-opting of much earlier pagan and pantheistic celebrations. You know, from back in the days when they were waging their war on the heathen traditions they weren’t keen on.

Anyhow that’s quite enough of that.

For more festive funnery, I strongly recommend the serial A Christmas Cacophony running over at the most excellent Bug web comic. Please go read episode 1, act 2 and episode 3 then tune in for any further instalments.

Have fun and enjoy whichever version of the Winter Solstice season you choose to celebrate.




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