The other day I mentioned how the more I learn the more I realise I don’t know.

John W. Loftus, of Debunking Christianity, expresses a similar sentiment more effectively than I in a post entitled On Being Ignorant of One’s Ignorance and Unaware of Being Unskilled.

Awareness of our ignorance only comes with more knowledge

It was only when I finally got round to reading On The Origin Of Species (you can read it online here and here, or download it for your ereader here) and supplemented that with some more modern articles, watching of documentaries, and reading of other evolution related books, etc., that I realised how weak my understanding of the theory of evolution actually was. Now I’m really getting the significance of all those small changes occurring over very, very long periods of time and how they make the myriad of lifeforms we share the planet with possible.

The same applies to my knowledge of maths, physics, astronomy and cosmology – all subjects that I’m very interested by now but never really took the time to get to grips with in the past. And in all these areas the more amazed I am by the world, solar system, galaxy and universe that we live in. As if that’s not enough, there seems to be a fresh discovery or insight being published every time I turn round. We really do live in interesting times.

I’m still unaware of how ignorant I am about certain things but I hope that will change as I make the effort to learn more of those things I know I don’t know.


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