I’ve wanted a Gibson Les Paul guitar for a long time but they ain’t cheap. So rather than look for a new one I kept an eye out for a second hand one. As luck would have it, the few second hand ones I’ve found that I could afford had been so heavily customised by their original owners that I found them too awkward to play.

So, what to do?

Well I recently found the answer. Get an Epiphone Les Paul instead (like the Studio model in Worn Brown pictured or not, as there are many different models to choose from).

Epiphone are a part of the Gibson group and it shows, as the quality of the Epiphone Les Paul Studio model I recently received clearly demonstrates. It’s a cracking guitar which, after being tuned, plays like a dream straight out of its box. The guitar is beautifully balanced and very well made. It has a mahogany body and set mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and Alnico humbuckers all of which combine to make it sound absolutely awesome. Also, an Epiphone Les Paul Studio is a fraction of the cost of a Gibson Les Paul Studio. So if you want that Les Paul feel, look and sound (almost) on a budget you know what to do.

Of course, it’s still not an actual real live Les Paul but I’m very happy with it. The fact that Alex Lifeson (who may, or may not, be someone I admire) has been known to play an Epiphone (acoustic) guitar has got nothing to do with that. Nor does the fact that he now plays Les Paul electrics. Honest.

Nor does the fact that I will be seeing Rush again next May when their Time Machine tour hits the Glasgow SECC!



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