The Apologist

I’ve been pretty disappointed by Nick Clegg following the not-quite-score-draw that saw the country landed with a coalition government.

In recent times I’ve made a couple of attempts to express that disappointment without much success. It always proved difficult to come up with the best way of expressing what I see as being wrong with Nick Clegg in his current role. Okay his LibDems have managed to temper one or two Tory assaults on the populace but something always bothered me when Nick Clegg popped up in the wake of every hard-hitting announcement. Now Charlie Brooker has come up with an explanation that pins the tail firmly on the donkey as it were.

Nick Clegg is the “sad-eyed defender of the new reality”, a political apologist who pops up to offer a lollipop or band-aid when the Tory bully-boys knock us over and scuff our knees.

As Brooker points out:

In these uncertain, unsettling times, with unpopular policies being implemented by a patchwork coalition of the damned, Nick Clegg is proving to be perhaps the most useful tool in the government’s shed.


Point a camera in his direction, and Clegg will construct an earnest argument in favour of virtually any unappealing concept you can throw at him.

At one time I was hopeful that Nick Clegg offered a real chance for political change. Then I hoped he might temper the Tories determination to cut deeper and deeper as they ran amok with their financial chainsaw. Now all that’s left is the usual: smoke, mirrors and apologies.

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