According to this BBC article, “rights-holders will bear the brunt of the costs for tackling copyright infringers”. There then follows more about the Digital Economy Act, illegal file-sharers, pirates, blah, blah-blah, blah-blah blah. All well and good.

The article also mentions how persistent file-sharers face having their connection slowed-down (throttled) by their ISP or may even face having the plug pulled on their connection altogether. There is even a helpful picture showing a disconnected plug, alongside the caption, “Persistent illegal downloaders could have the plug pulled on their connection”.

I guess that the pirates won’t be too worried though, as this is the plug being used to illustrate the point:

Erm, that’s a VGA connector. Unplugging one is not going to reduce anyone’s access to shared files or any other part of the interweb too much. Though it will make it difficult for them to watch their pirated movies.

No wonder ISPs are upset about their share of the costs. It won’t be cheap to visit the homes of persistent file-sharers and unplug so many monitors.



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