Windows 7?

I’m on a Windows 7 course this week and, unlike the old dog, I’ve learned a couple of new tricks so far.

To be honest, I figured it was just a prettier and slightly tweaked version of the previous and very poorly received Windows Vista. As I’ve learned more about Windows 7 I’ve found it’s actually quite a bit better than Vista and does include some genuinely impressive features. In fact, I’ve been impressed enough (gasp!!!) to download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to see how compatible with Windows 7 my current PC would be. If it meets the necessary requirements, I may even see if I can afford to upgrade.

Apart from a surprising improvement in speed and responsiveness, I’ve been most taken with the range of management and configuration options available, the introduction of virtual drives and the inclusion of BitLocker. The Windows Search feature is also pretty cool – it finds entries very quickly with just a few key-strokes and is a lot easier to use than the traditional Start Menu. As a Launchy user I really like this key-based approach to finding and starting applications, etc., so having a built-in, quick, reliable means of doing this is very much a bonus.

Who knows, after some 20 years, Microsoft may actually have released a version of their operating system that I’ll actually really like.

Mmm, well, perhaps.


Or perhaps not. I’ve just been checking out the upgrade prices and they are NOT encouraging! It’d be more economic to buy a new machine that comes with Windows 7, even though my PC has just been given the nod as Windows 7 capable by the upgrade advisor.



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