The Habit Of The Regular Blog

Can’t believe how long it has been since my last post!

With that in mind, it is my firm intention to get back into the habit of observing and commenting on life, the universe, and anything else that pops into my head. It may take a wee while to get the habit back as things are in a state of flux at the moment with a change of location is imminent – lots of sorting out to do!

Anyhoo… Since my last post, I’ve watched the World Cup, attended the 15th Hebridean Celtic Festival, been on holiday for a week, read various books, listened to stacks of music, watched movies, eaten some very good food, quaffed some excellent drink, and been gob-smacked by much stupidity on behalf of politicians, celebrities, fundamentalists, priests, a pope, so-called journalists, and any number of others. I’ve also been well impressed by the actions of ordinary, everyday people who put all of the above to utter shame. No surprise there, eh?

I’ve been most impressed with the speed at which my youngest learned to ride a bike (sans stabilisers) over the course of the last couple of days!

This may not be the most interesting way to get the habit up and running but I had to start with something.

Back with more soon.



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