All You Need To Know

Here, via the freethinker, is a graphic I like which reveals all you need to know about religion:


The freethinker item refers to a BBC article which I saw the other day and thought “do I blog about that?”. My answer was “no”, because RE was the most pointless subject I studied in school – and that was over 20 years ago. It is just as pointless now.

To add a little more, RE class (in my Scottish school) was an opportunity to mess about and make fun of a subject and teachers who were seen as wasting the kids’ time. For my part I’d decided before I even reached secondary school that religions were a contradictory mess and something best glossed over in a history class rather than given any prominence in their own right. If anything, RE class only strengthened that view.

My kids are going through school now and my eldest tells me that RE class hasn’t changed. It’s still a subject of derision and seen as a waste of time. Even if it has been rebranded as RME – Religious & Moral Education.

The articles I’ve linked to refer, of course, to the teaching of RE in English schools. But whether its in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales there are better things to spend Education budgets on than perpetuating the mythical beliefs and dubious morals handed down to us by our frightened, ignorant ancestors.

Some will argue that RE class now teaches us about other religions and how differing faiths should be respected in our multi-cultural, multi-faith society. There is merit in that idea but surely our kids are smart enough to understand that without subjecting them to year after year of class time that could be better spent educating them in subjects more relevant to them. I know of some overworked teachers who would be horrified by the suggestion but you could easily encompass all that our kids need to know about religions and respecting them in a couple of periods of Guidance.

Or we could just issue them all with a laminated business-card-sized copy of the above graphic.



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