Love & Peace?

Here’s a thought.

If you claim yours is a religion of love and peace and your god has ever demanded the wholesale slaughter, dismemberment, torture or even just the slightest abuse of those who are not of your faith, then your god (and therefore your religion) are neither loving nor peaceful. Rather your god is jealous and malign, subject to all too human failings and therefore unworthy of praise and faith.

It doesn’t matter if these barbarous acts took place during some early phase in the development of your god and religion. No amount of revisionism, apology, sacrifice or public relations spin can change that past. Even worse if these criminal acts are written down in some “inerrant” holy book and held as testimony to your god’s greatness, goodness, or whatever.

Does any of this strike a chord? Ring any bells?

If so, stop and think for a while. Read your holy text afresh. Consider what your god has done and demanded. Then ask yourself if you should be killed or maimed just because you have different beliefs to the guy down the street, the girl on the other side of town, or the people living on the other side of the world?

Now think again about how loving and peaceful your religion is.


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