Well, I had every intention of posting regularly during this election campaign. However, with so many politicians making such ass-hats of themselves I couldn’t be bothered. Even though there remains the prospect of a hung parliament, I just couldn’t get that excited about it. The election debates certainly had an impact and have changed the nature of the campaign but I’m just not getting the sense that Cameron, Brown and the rest really give much of a shit about anything other than getting through that door marked 10. None of them are being honest about their plans for dealing with the economy and none of them appreciate the extent to which the electorate really wants to see change.

With any luck we’ll waken up to a hung parliament tomorrow and the ass-hats will have to smell the coffee along with the rest of us. Anything will be better than a return to the ugliness that the Tories inflicted on us under Thatcher and that other bloke, you know, what’s-his-name? Minor? Mogadon? I’d rather see Labour limp on in a pact with the LibDems than suffer under Cameron.

Ah, well, let’s see what the morning brings.


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