Spinal Trap

Beware the spinal trap, the article by Simon Singh that resulted in a lengthy libel case, is back on-line. The case was brought by the British Chiropractic Association against Singh because it took issue with Singh’s statement that “it happily promotes bogus treatments.”

Happily Simon Singh has won this case on appeal (a triumph for common sense and reason) and the BCA have had to beat a hasty retreat. As Simon Singh now faces a lengthy struggle to reclaim substantial legal costs the need for libel reform is very clear. No one should have to defend a sincerely held opinion in such a ridiculous and expensive manner. And, what’s more, no one should be able to run crying to the courts just because someone else told a truth they did not like.

On which note, if you’re interested in the truth and some of the real dangers involved in chiropractic, you should read Simon Singh’s article. It is most illuminating.


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