Call me naive but I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing as “electric shock collars to train cats and dogs” with.

First question. Train cats? Really?

Second. What kind of nasty, incompetent bottom-wipe would even want to use an electric shock as a training tool? If you haven’t got the mental ability to train an animal through the traditional use of rewards (dog treats and tummy tickles are remarkably effective) then may I suggest that it is you who should be wearing an electro-shock collar and not your unfortunate, mistreated pet.

Third, “the association for technology in the protection of companion animals.” Protection? Really? If you don’t want your dog to get run over then might I suggest a leash! Also, if you don’t want your dog to worry sheep – use a leash!!! Don’t administer an electric shock and don’t try and disguise your barbaric desire for profit by saying its for the animal’s protection.

Well done the Welsh for banning these implements of torture!

Let’s hope the rest of the UK gets it’s act together and follows suit.

Finally. Train cats? REALLY?!?!?


One thought on “Shock

  1. Yeah, they look a bit severe.

    We got a big 5yr old lab from the RSPCA in December who had a couple of issues (pulled like a train on the lead and was hyper whenever he saw another dog).

    A couple of months later, and with the help of a decent trainer, and he’s walking like a charm (so well I let him off the lead on the walk for a short spell yesterday – for the first time) and he’s been in Dog Day Care for two days this week to finish off his socialisation training.

    The only shock here is the number of treats he now goes through due to the good behaviour!

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