Further evidence of the moral bankruptcy of the Vatican:

Just a few of the headlines springing up all over the place that underline just how riddled with sickness the Catholic hierarchy has become. Become? I assume that’s the right word. I’d hate to think it was always like this but you can’t help but wonder.

It seems that there is no depth they will not sink to in defending the indefensible. There are no prayers you can offer, letters you can write or feeble comparisons you can make to deflect from the truth that for years the Vatican and it’s representatives across the globe have protected those that are guilty of child abuse – the worst crime imaginable. It is time to tear that disease-ridden edifice down! The world can only be a better place for the removal of such a source of corruption.

And to think there are those who claim that religion and belief in god were necessary for humanity to show morality? Humbug!

It doesn’t make it look too good for the existence of an omniscient (titter) and omnipotent (ha) god either.


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