Ah well, as Tony Mowbray concedes regarding the SPL title “it’s there for Rangers to lose” and with Walter Smith in charge, it’s hard to see how Rangers could possibly manage to screw things up with a 10 point lead and a game in hand.

I didn’t see the game but from the reports it would appear to have pretty much an even affair until Edu scrambled the ball across the line in the dying minutes. They also indicate that once again Celtic just didn’t take the chances that came their way and after they were reduced to 10 men it would only be a matter of time before Rangers stole a goal.

However having seen the incident that led to Scott Brown’s red card I’m afraid that once again the spectre of bad decision making by the referee and unsporting conduct by Kyle Lafferty hovers over an Old Firm game. The tussle between Lafferty and Brown should have seen both players yellow carded as they were both clearly at it. But Lafferty, as he has done so many times, threw himself to the ground as if shot (I wonder how many in the crowd turned round to look for a sniper) making the incident look much worse than it was. The referee fell for Lafferty’s play-acting and Brown was sent off.

Hopefully Celtic’s appeal against the red card will see it reduced to a yellow. I’m not so hopeful that the persistent simulation (read cheating) so many players are guilty of will ever be eliminated from the game.

I’m even less hopeful that Celtic will get their act together in time to claw back Rangers’ points advantage.


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