On several levels this BBC article – Church launches government attack – makes my blood boil and leaves me wanting to see religion torn from society’s breast and stomped into the ground.

In the light of the recent child abuse scandals involving Roman Catholic priests in America, Ireland and now Germany, Cardinal Keith O’Brien has no bloody business accusing anyone of mounting “a systematic and unrelenting attack on family values.” The Roman Catholic church has consistently covered up activities  by its members that not only attack but utterly shatter family values and completely destroy human beings. It’s papal mouthpiece continues to spout nonsense about the evils of contraception seeming to prefer that millions die of diseases such as AIDS rather than run the risk of offending a fictitious, Bronze Age, father-figure in the sky. AAARGH!!! Family values? What the hell do these cretins know of family values?!? Not a bloody thing!!!

As for Jim Murphy and his vapid utterances about faith having a role in politics and being central to the foundations of the Labour party, well, what a crock of electioneering shite (afraid I have to agree with Alex Salmond on that point, damn!). And for the record Mr. Murphy, America is not the best choice when trying to exemplify the value of religion in politics – need I mention George Bush and, erm, well, George Bush 2: The Sequel!

Sadly Murphy is probably right in asserting that “Faith voters massively outweigh … any other … demographic group identified by marketeers.” It’s just it ain’t his particular faith group that are in the majority.

Tony Blair, despite leaving under a bit of a cloud, at least had the good sense to keep quiet about his religious leanings until he had left power. He was absolutely right, by they way, had he brought his religious beliefs to bear whilst in office he would have been branded “a nutter” and much worse besides.

As for David Cameron well, he’s typically mealy mouthed about it and sits on the fence letting us know how important his faith is whilst assuring us that he doesn’t seek guidance from the almighty. There’s a man with one eye firmly on how he’ll be measured come the next election.

At least Nick Clegg has the guts to be honest and admit his atheism. Though I’m still not entirely sure of his manifesto my opinion of him as a politician is elevated by such candour.

Politics is, and must be, a secular business. Let’s keep it that way!


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