As the story about alleged bullying in Downing Street rumbles on I detect the distinct smell of fish, especially now that Max Clifford is representing Christine Pratt. Not that I’m cynical or anything but his involvement immediately makes me think there’s money to be made in this story!

Of course, bullying is a nasty business wherever it occurs and everything should be done to prevent bullying from taking place. However Mrs Pratt has made a huge error of judgement.

It doesn’t matter if she has evidence to support her assertions that her charity received calls from staff within Downing Street. It doesn’t matter that she hasn’t given their names. Nor do her protests that no-one specifically named Gordon Brown as the bully. What matters is that she has made it public that 3 or 4 people who work in Downing Street have contacted her charity. That action alone is enough for confidentiality to be breached and confidence to be broken – as witnessed by the mass departure of her patrons.

It should be obvious that if you work with sensitive matters, especially in areas where being indiscreet may lead to serious repercussions, you keep your mouth shut!

Even if her intentions were good (though the proximity of a Tory office does beg questions) I’m afraid that Phil Woolas may be correct in referring, albeit a bit harshly, to Christine Pratt as “this prat of a woman”.


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