Will Obama Be Atheism’s Constantine? asks a headline over on the Rationalist’s Blog and the following article makes for interesting reading:

If President Obama were to announce his agnosticism, which many close Washington insiders have speculated, it would certainly be the game changer. Changing politics forever in the USA, and forever changing the way Americans view those of unbelief.

What would the consequences be if a world leader such as President Obama was to publicly reveal that he as an agnostic? Would such an announcement lead to outrage, chaos and the ultimate decline of Western civilisation? Perhaps not the latter but certainly the former. I just don’t think that America is ready for a leader that is openly doubtful about the existence of the American version of god.

In time, such an admission would be a good thing. For the time being though I think it’s probably better if President Obama keeps doing what he’s doing by dialling back the religiosity settings raised by the last tenant of The White House and seeking to embrace and include all aspects of American belief and unbelief. Such an approach would surely make America a better example to the rest of the world and might even lead to the world becoming a better and safer place.


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